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Domestic Outsourcing
Onshoring Delivery

Bring It Back to America – Overcoming the Challenges of the Onshore Service Delivery Model Second in a Series – How does an onshore outsourcing model keep costs low, follow the sun and provide a multilingual experience while delivering the highest quality global service from the United States? Industry experts agree that the number one […] Read more

Service Desk Back To America
Retail Digital Success

Empowering Retailers to Prosper in a Competitive Market In today’s highly competitive market, it is more important than ever for retailers to keep up with trends and ensure they are reaching as many consumers in their target audience as possible. This means that retailers must create a consistent brand experience across all channels – online, […] Read more

Importance of BYOD
Benefits of Network Virtualization

Intro to Network Virtualization The data center demands of today are much different than they were a decade ago. With the Cloud Consumption Model being adopted across the entire industry, the necessity for on-demand provisioning of storage, compute, and networking resources are larger than ever. The shift to cloud and virtual computing just may be […] Read more

Internet of Things

IoT and the Enterprise The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become a familiar expression among technology and business. These “things” are not general purpose devices like smartphones and PCs; rather, they include dedicated objects ranging from jet engines and cars to vending machines and soap dispensers. It is safe to say that the IoT […] Read more

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Tech Budgeting & Spending Strategies Organizations around the globe struggle with IT budgeting. One of the primary reasons for the struggle is that the IT department doesn’t understand the budgeting process, and the Accounting Department doesn’t understand IT. CIOs that have reached a certain level can budget within their own departments, but may have difficulty […] Read more

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